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Learning Dojo titles are designed to give you the resources you need to work independently. Build up your ability to complete the full range of standard questions confidently and accurately thanks to our clear, step-by-step explanations, practice exercises and full-worked solutions. If you have the drive, our straightforward, friendly books will let you work your way to success. 

Practical Skills for Physics A-level: Study Companion 

Whether you are studying the AQA, Edexcel or OCR syllabus, your Physics A-level now includes questions like these: 

• What is the absolute uncertainty of the internal resistance?

• How can you tell if there has been a systematic error?

• Do the students’ results support their hypothesis?

• How could the students minimise random error in their experiment?

• How can you use LEDs to find a value for the Planck constant?

All three exam boards say that at least 15% of marks on written exams will relate to practical work. If `absolute uncertainty' describes the way you feel about questions like these, then this book was written primarily for you! It has explanation and examples with full worked solutions and is accompanied by Practical Skills for Physics A-level: Practice Exercises, which provides plenty of practice for each question type.

Reviewed in the December Issue of the School Science Review! 

Practical Skills for Physics A-level: Practice Exercises 


Over 100 exercises, plus 100 multiple choice questions and 88 marks worth of exam-style long answer questions to give you the practice you need. Full worked solutions for every question allow you to check your answers and work through corrections.


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