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Optional research 


1. Which scientist finished his great work on optics in 1021?

List three facts about light that this scientist discovered.

2. If N is the number of books in this work, which is the Nth planet from the      Sun?

List three facts about this planet. 

3. The second and third letters of this planet’s name form the chemical 

    symbol for which element? Who discovered this element? Which other

    element did this scientist discover? 

4. Add together the atomic numbers of these two elements and then

    multiply by 10. Who was appointed British Astronomer Royal in this year?

Find a picture of the astronomical body named after this scientist. 

5. Where is the research station named after this scientist?

Find out about one research project that is currently being carried out there. 

6. Divide 1 by the area (in km2) of the continent where the research station

    is found. Which type of EM wave has a wavelength equal to this many


Find out three facts about this type of EM wave. 

7. Which constellation is named after an animal that glows under this kind of light? Which is the brightest star in this constellation? 

Find a picture of this constellation. 

8. A rocket named after this star was used to deliver equipment and supplies to the ISS. What year was this mission carried out?

Find out about one of the science experiments it delivered. 

9. Which American mathematician was inducted into the United States Air Force Hall of Fame in this year and what technology did this mathematician’s work lead to? 

List three of the sources of irregularity this scientist had to take into account in his/her model. 

10. Which scientist’s theories did this technology provide proof of? 

Find a quote by this scientist.